yesterday I saw the most amazing and innovative concert in the last decade of my life: alva noto at the STUK.

It’s not easy task for me to report on such audio visuals experiences, as i lack the culture to relate it to anything out of the main stream of our life. In any case, here is my shot at it:

SETTING: a cinema theatre hall. Audience is sitting. The projection on the screen is a minimalistic interface consisting of sound reactive 2D black and white objects, mainly lines and/or boxes. a kind of reactive 2D wireframe, transforming, evolving through the music. As simple as it may sound, it offered unpreceedented levels of depths, an extreemely immersive experience of visual sounds and audio objects. Through this extremely minimalist setting, alva noto achieves to provide its audience with an unprecedented level of synesthaesia (memo: synesthaesia = like hearing colors). A must see/hear.