This is a report from trip to Dessau ‘s Bauhaus Foundation for the interactive dance performance: en3+4jeux3 that LAb[au] realized (visualize me learning flash 5 bugscape frantically).

East Germany, more than ten years after the reunification, still remains very different in look, between “odd” and “old”. As one might expect, brand new or renovated areas juxtapose old playmobil-like housing estates, or sober (in design :) ) communist serial housing complexes.

… And then, out of the playmobil urban planning, appears a cathedral of light and matter, a fluid building in frantic equilibrium between inside and outside, form and function, the Bauhaus School build by Gropius in 1925, and now both a feel-free-to-touch live museum and a post-doctorate art school.

Front, right-endside.

Front view, middle.

View from behind: Student-rooms

View from behind: the spectacle hall.

ResPublica dancers, entering the Bauhaus !

Once inside, it is noticeable that, unlike a museum, you have free access to everything, and there are many aspects and details in the building that draw the visitor’s attention. Here is a selection.

Either the architect was drunk, or this has a meaning… It’s actually agood way to illustrate the Bauhaus manifesto, which called for a new architecture that made no distinction between monumental and decorative art. It was a call for buildings imbued with the “architectonic spirit” as a unified work of art. The complete building, not embellishment, was the ultimate aim of all the visual arts. Art must not exist in isolation but in cooperation with craft.

Here, the lamp design is not innocent either: the electricity path is visualised by the connexions between the lamp bulbs.

The showspace, admire the audience’s seat: one string of clothing for a whole row. Here is a detail view:

Now, we came to show the interactive performance we set up “EN3+4JEUx3” , so here are some pictures of what the audience did with the play:

enjeux, introduction part

Here and Now, part “WHERE”

N°4, non-interactive Solo, part “WHO”, part “WHAT”

That’s all, folks !