I’m proud to officially announce the launch of a new portfolio for Barcelona-based professional photographer Lisa Pram.

As you’ll see it’s quite an experimental project in terms of interface and interactivity. We ended up calling it an “interactive barcode”. And in fact, the “barcode” term is well suited to the concept behind the interface: to generate a unique representation of Lisa’s work in a non-metaphorical manner, but rather through indexing of her image sets according to four main keywords.

printscreen - Lisapram.com
printscreen - Lisapram.com

Via four clickable keywords representing the main areas of her work – Professional, Experimental , Advertising and Editorial – the visitor can filter through her image galleries.

Each gallery is represented by a line which thickness reflects the number of images it contains – 1 image is 1 pixel width. Clicking each of these lines unfolds its pictures in a continuous strip inside the barcode, thus introducing the user into the colors and contrasts of her work.

Finally, an additional navigation system is laid out underneath the barcode, to ensure that this interface website, although experimental, achieves a good level of usability.

the interface was entirely done with progressive enhancement in mind. No Flash plugin was hurt in the making of this website, thanks to the outstanding jQuery javascript library.

Finally, i would like to thank Lisa for giving me so much freedom, for trusting me on this, and for being such a kewl customer. I wish you the best with your new website and for your professional career.