A nice read about Application Design (GUI) by Dirk Knemeyer, also interesting because he approaches the human resource aspect inside teams of designers/developers. I myself have that recuring dream of hiring someone to work with me and help me cope with my workload , and what Dirk says is valuable… : Digital Web Magazine – Rethinking Application Design



Application design helps users carry out tasks, and can be as simple as Google’s search function or as powerful and complex as Photoshop. Web design is the design of a strictly informational or marketing Web experience that employs a fairly straightforward interaction model. Many of us who came into the industry through the Web do not fully appreciate this distinction or properly recognize the complexity of application design. This makes it all the more surprising that so many technology companies are not taking an effective approach to designing their UI. Their various problems are so clear to the experienced eye. Why do they persist?


Dirk ends up giving a few advises in order to achieve quality user experience with your GUI :

  1. Use the smallest design team you possibly can
  2. Put an interface designer in charge of the interface design team
  3. At all costs, avoid design by committee
  4. Invest in fewer, more senior people
  5. Let the design team operate outside of the traditional organizational framework
  6. Treat user testing as a data point, not the driver