I am very happy to announce the release by Dexagogo (aka the über talented Andrew Tetlaw) of a table sorting javascript using prototype. This development was released under the MIT license and sponsored by me, because i find this to answer to a very recurring need when setting up data display interfaces: it allows sorting data rows in javascript, thus without adding strain to the server since the sorting is done on the client side. Plus the sorting is immediate, no need for the end user to wait…

Check it out it’s really well done!



Table Sorting with Prototype

Here’s my latest labour of love: a table column sorting script using Prototype. I tried to make it as painless as possible to use while retaining a good measure of customisability. […] It’s got multiple sorting types, automatic data type detection, row striping, it handles empty or spanned cells, optional fixed header and scrolling body, you can extend it with your own sort types and much more! This is also sponsored open source development. So even though it is free to you, under the MIT license, it was sponsored by the very nice people at Pixeline Web Design. Jump straight to the demo , or read on for the details.