If you need an easy-to-use, simple yet flexible and free Bug tracking system, I’ve just released my own Bug Tracker open source project.

After a few awkward attempts at naming it *, I’ve called it “Bugs“, a name which my partners and clients find most easy to remember (it got to, otherwise they’ll go back to their stinky habit of sending me emails !).

Bugs is based on these principles:

  • Simple: as few features as possible
  • flexible: Bugs doesn’t decide whether you should think in term of priorities, types of issues, milestones, etc… Instead, Bugs uses a Tags system that you can set up to match your own way of dealing with stuff.
  • open source: was, is, and always will be.
  • Multilingual: so your clients can feel at home with it.
  • Handy: issues can be commented so you keep the discussion organized, and have print-screens.
  • Reliable: you get a warning email whenever someone comments, closes or assigns you a bug ticket (unless you did it to yourself, you sick mind).

Bugs is heavily based on a fork from the (abandoned) Tiny Issue project, itself based on the Laravel 3 PHP Framework.

More about Bugs on its Github page.

New Issue UI Project Dashboard


* I came up with some weird names, like “Little BIT (Bug Issue Tracker)” and a cheap gangsta one: “Bugs? No’ Mo’!”. Hopefully, clients showed me the way.