As a web developer, you’ve probably been there. That ubber cool comment/ email form you’ve developped three years ago has been a major spambot traffic exchange for any type of that-body part enlarging techniques.

The usual solution is the use of captcha, or any other type of turing test validation techniques. But these transport your burden onto each normal human visitor _ that’s quite defeats the purpose of hiring a web developer if you ask me.

So i came up with a very elegant , simple yet effective technique to fight form spambots : simply add a “dummy” textfield in your form, give it a name that makes it super appetizing such as “email”, and hide it via CSS so that normal humans do not see it, and therefore – that’s the catch – do not fill it in.

Then, on the serverside, test the posted data, and if that inivisible field has a value instead of remaining empty, invalidate the form!

Believe it or not, it works super well _ you can see it in action on the website.