A customer of mine asked to send flash animations in emails. I told him it’s not the wisest thing to do, because no one can guarantee that your users will actually see it. Why’s that ?

Email clients

Well in this global market you just can’t expect everyone to wear the same clothes, now, can you? Same goes for computers and the programs that run on it. email clients come in all flavours out there: Aol, hotmail, outlook express, outlook 2000 ) outlook 2002, entourage, thunderbird to name just but a few. Sending flash means sending html as markup for it. What if your customer ’email client cannot display html or is not configured to do so ? Hopefully, you have sent a txt-only version of the mail, he will then be displayed that txt version. But if not, well, he’ll just see your ugly html code (and hastily dump your email in the trashcan).

Flash not installed, or wrong version

Ok, now, let’s assume your customer does have html rendering enabled. Flash does not come installed on all computers, and while it is bundled in Internet Explorer by default, it’s only version 5, if i’m not mistaken.

Security settings

well, a flash file can be used to run malicious code. Hence there is a good chance it’ll be blocked by your email client security settings. That’s my two-cent at those wanting to send flash signatures and such horrid things. Now, get lost or read Flash Email Update – 2004 : test cases