is a great place to host your PDF magazines, but you’d rather keep your visitors on your site then send them over, right?

IssuuPress fetches (via their API) a list of all your PDFs hosted on and allows you to display that list on your blog via a simple shortcode. The issuu viewer is sitting on top of the list, so your visitors stay on your website, and by hosting your PDF on issuu, you probably get a bit of traffic from them, too, best of both worlds!


This is what you get by installing IssuuPress.

IssuuPress Wireframe


Once the plugin has been installed and activated on your WordPress blog, simply add this shortcode [php][ issuupress][/php] where you would like your catalog to appear.

Add attributes to customize it (see below).

Example, with all available attributes

[ issuupress tag="" viewer="mini" titlebar="false" vmode="" ctitle="Pick a PDF file to read" height="480" bgcolor="FFFFFF"]
Check the plugin’s readme file for the full documentation.
To customize its appearance, use your theme’s CSS style.css file.


You will find the latest version of the IssuuPress plugin on the WordPress Plugins repository.


Feeling thankful? You should be, this is a lot of work given out for free. Get me a good bottle whiskey!


[issuupress tag=”” viewer=”mini” ctitle=”My teaching presentations (in french)” height=”300″ img=”120″]


Post your help requests on the WordPress Issuupress Support page.