jqUploader is a jquery plugin that substitutes file input fields ( form input with type attribute set to”file”) with a flash uploader, containing a progressbar.

In other terms, this small script allows you to display a progress bar showing the upload progress, via javascript and a small flash file. You can modify the look by tweaking the source flash file provided with the plugin. Note that it is completely unobtrusive: users with javascript turned off will simply see the classic html file upload field.

How it works:

The plugin uses the form action attribute value (normally pointing to a server side script handling the upload and other data manipulations, and appends a variable “jqUploader=1” so that the upload code is initiated when it sees that key/value is on the posted data.


NB: for use in a cakePHP application:
Make sure that you put in the full local dev path instead of /admin/.
So you can do something like:

src: '/js/jqUploader/jqUploader.swf',
uploadScript: '< ?php echo $html->url('/admin/images/
afterScript: '< ?php echo $html->url('/admin/images/
background: 'FFFFDF',
barColor: '64A9F6',
allowedExt: 'jpg|JPG|jpeg|JPEG|png|PNG|gif|GIF'