Today, i had a good and a bad surprise. Good first ? Sure !

Article 27 website is featured on one of the two most read French-speaking Belgian newspapers “Le Soir”, in its internet-dedicated magazine “La vie du Net”. Cool, and thank you for the publicity for Article 27, which is an excellent initiative.

Now, the bad news. Well it’s not really a news, because i kindda suspected it, but didn’t take the time to investigate, and just checked for IE 6 and firefox 1+ on PC.
Anyway: look at the printscreen: the layout the journalist experienced was screwed up !

Ok, so i wrote them a mail asking for the config, as i am guessing there are some apples and / or explorers tagged with a few “5” versioning.

I don’t have a Mac (yet) but i can already investigate with old IE versions. So, to fullfill the task of having a proper rendering on most popular browsers, i thought it would be neat to be able to run different versions of Internet Explorer, 5.0, 5.5 and 6. After googling for a while i stumbled, with awe and surprise, on Evolt Browser archive.
There you will be able to find several standalone versions of Internet explorer, version from 3 to 7 beta 1 (as of Nov. 25, 2005).

This doesn’t mean i’ll have it solved any time soon, but i surely be working on it.