It is now official: today I’ve dumped Aptana Studio, with a sore heart, frustration and a bad taste in the mouth for not knowing why it suddenly gave up on me and didn’t want to show me anything beyond its splashscreen after two years of good service.

So i had to rely on another editor for my javascript needs, and god that was paintful when you’re an old fart that has its habits, like me. Nothing beats Waterproof ‘s PHPEdit 3.0 for PHP, but it doesn’t quite cut it for anything else, particularly not for javascript. Komodo Edit 4.4 is nice (and free) too, but i can’t actually get it to look or do code formatting the way aptana did.

So, the search for the new ideal javascript editor was on again. Notepad++, PSPad, etc. No, no, no. None have that holy grail code formatting i can’t do without anymore.

Believe me or not, as I was about to revert to notepad thinking “Microsoft, ah, bah… After all, why not”, I remembered they had that Visual Web Studio suite a while ago. A quick google lead me to the Visual Web Studio Express 2008 website. The features listed “code formatting”, the price tag = null, so i stopped reading and went on downloading the sucker.

200 Mo and 30 minute-long installation later, i’m now a happy javascripter again. Ok, it’s a free tool so it has limitations (the main one being it tries to get you to do ASP stuff), but it’s snappy, code looks great and readable, code formatting works perfectly and… you get an awesome javascript debugger for Internet explorer (provided you follow this setup guide, as it’s not available in the free version).

Still, i remain interested in reading about your IDE of choice _ for javascript, that is.