If you often find yourself  in a situation where you need to look at your Apache server’s error_log file regularly (e.g. during development) but it grew so big downloading it is not an option, and you just don’t feel like using SSH to simply look at a log? Read on, because this little script is for you.

Server Logs viewer is a little php script that shows you the latest lines of your LAMP server log files, much like the tail() function. The Layout is clean and responsive (it uses purecss). The CSS and JS code is included in the html inline, to have the ease-of-use of a single, “drop-in”, file.

Server Log Viewer php script. Main screen.
Server Log Viewer php script. Main screen.

If your site is hosted on a Gandi.net Simplehosting server, it should just work out of the box. Otherwise, simply edit the LOG_PATH constant value to match your own server’s filepath to your logs folder and you are set.

Do make sure you put in a restricted area (.htpasswd ftw).

You can find the script on Github, or here below.