“clicklessness”, that’s what Don’t click it‘s all about : Nothing to click but a lot to read.

My impression :
Just make sure you don’t mouse away from what you’re currently reading !! In fact, whilst I assumed making every interaction happen on mouseover instead of “onclick” would produce a relaxed sensation, you have to actually keep control of your mouse, thus it’s a quite stressful experience, brrrr…
Let me illustrate with a user case scenario : let say i want to read what that definition means over there, where it says ‘theMouseWheel story’ . i hastily move the mouse over it, and doing so a white square nicely zooms in and the holy text appears. While reading it, my mouse moves slightly away from the bounding box triggering the effect : all of a sudden the text that captivated me disappears, but i don’t want it ! shit, where is my mouse ?? Ah, there. Sooo, what was i reading ? Ah, yes, that icon about the history of the mousewheel. Where was it ? Ah, there. Ok. and so on…

Just imagine i wanted to eat a sandwhich at the same time !! It’s just not possible, and i would have to head to the BBC newswebsite in order to have a nice reading to accompany my club sandwich. How horrible. Gulp.

This scenario might sound corny, but tell me you ‘ve never had it. Right ? … Anybody ?

It’s cool to be able to experiment with the idea of not clicking and the work itself is very well done, but then, i’m not sure i see a real point in removing a possible behavior. It leads to less understanding and ultimately, a decrease in the user’s control on the content he’s (trying to) read. it’s just like saying “you can speak English with only 5 words”. Sure you can, but with a larger vocabulary, you can refine your communication, and hopefully get better feedback from the outer world (that’s the part of the world that is not you (yes, it’s huge)).

Still it’s a nice exercise, and thanks to the way they’ve laid out their website interface, the overall information navigation is experienced more fluidly, without the visual and thus cognitive ruptures that point and click ->page refresh provoque.

Well, having the info displayed on mouse move is in any case not worse than those mouse following thingies that used to clog our screens with fireworks (and eventually crash our computers) but i’m off topic.