As i’m preparing for the loss of my dear godfather who is currently spending his last moments, my heart is bathing in grief for i’m losing a great godfather, a caring, strong, great human being who has spend his whole life caring for the others, and to whom you could speak intimely for hours without tire. To me you have always been a source of confidence, of comfort when i needed it most, a model of a square standing human. Towards you i feel deep gratefullness and admiration. i will miss you dearly P.
A poem by Roberto Juarroz has shown me “a” way to deal with the feelings, and the time “after”.

Here it is for you, in French.

“Je pense qu’en ce moment

personne peut-être ne pense à moi dans l’univers,

que moi seul je me pense,

et si maintenant je mourais,

personne, ni moi, ne me penserait.

Et ici commence l’abîme,

comme lorsque je m’endors.

Je suis mon propre soutien et me l’ôte.

Je contribue à tapisser d’absence toutes choses.

C’est pour cela peut-être

que penser à un homme

revient à le sauver.”

“Poésie verticale” n°4
Roberto Juarroz