He’s back, and he’ll make you happy !! Version 2 of Google Desktop (still beta, as usual with G00gle…) is available for download. When version 1 came through, i tried it, and i dumped it. I very seldomly search for files and don’t like to add software pointlessly to my PC’s startup time. BUT: version 2 is much much more than version one : it integrates as RSS /atom feed reader, a scratch pad for quick note taking, Gmail interface, internet bookmark manager, among many other things, and is highly configurable. Use it as a slide bar and you’ll feel you’re on a mac ;) . try it for yourself here is the download link : Google Desktop Download. Small things that bother me: it’s tailor made for Americans, so for instance, weather forecast only covers USA, and the default news feeds are provided by main US newspapers. Also, wished the feeds where organisable, because right now, it displays all headlines from all your feeds in a list, whereas containing folders would make the interface less clogged, especially if one has many RSS sources . Anyway, congratz google, nice piece of freeware !