i’ve been working the last few days on the temporary version of the Grand Casino Brussels (further on referred as GCB). This temp version is aimed at winning some time by starting a communication with the casino online audience while the fullscale is being developed (and while the GCB casino is being built ).
Concretely, it should :

  1. allow users to fill in their name and emails to be subscribed to the GCB mailinglists (in 3 languages)
  2. communicate about job offers at the GCB since they are in heavy recruitment phase (the casino will be run by a staff of +250 employees).
  3. convey a low-down yet classy brand image

Can i ask you, my fellow reader, to have a look and give me feedback on how well/bad you think i managed ? Please explain your opinions in order to be constructive.
I would just like to give credits for the flashobject embedding to a real smart guy, Geoff Stearns , deconcept (New York). He solved the mystery puzzle on how to make an xhtml compliant flash embed script !