After repairing my new powerbook G4, i had to reinstall Mac OS X Tiger on it. I could have installed Leopard, but i just feel Leopard is just too new to be good, while tiger has been there for a while and is very stable and real-life proofed.

Problem is: i had no installation CD whatsoever. So i looked for a torrent and after a few tries, i finally found a toast image.

Yet that’s a 2+gigs image, while the powerbook optical combo does not allow for DVD burning, so i looked after a way to burn it on my good old Acer running Windows XP.

So without further ado, here is..

how to convert a .toast image file into a working .iso file


  1. install Dameon Tools
  2. create one virtual drive
  3. mount the .toast file in the virtual drive
  4. install isobuster, select the virtual drive
  5. right-click the session of the virtual drive and choose “extract raw but convert to user data”. Pick the destination
  6. when the convertion is done, simply rename the created file to .iso, and use a tool such as the free imgBurn to burn it onto a DVD.

There, you’re done! You can now use that created DVD on your mac, although the .toast file was downloaded on your PC.

Any questions?