One of the vital challenges of internet and the most complex issue of electronic medium is to formalize or create the notion of presence, of “being there”. Check out this firefox extension: Me.dium (description by Katherine Yee)

Me.dium is a plug-in for the Firefox Browser that enables “social browsing”. It occupies a space on left side of your browser window, has a bulls-eye graphic in the top half, and a buddy list/chat window in the lower half. When you navigate around different sites an algorithm at Me.dium it looks through the characteristics of those sites and puts related sites on the bulls-eye. If another Me.dium user happens to be on one of those sites in the bulls-eye, a small buddy icon (yellow for a friend, blue for a generic user) floats near the icon for the their site. You can visit other sites on the bulls-eye or you can chat with anyone in the bulls-eye, friend or not, in the chat box. Or you can just click on a friend in my buddy list to chat. It is a way of expressing how different people and the amount of activity affect a person. For example, when you go outside looking for something to eat, you react to the people’s behavior around you and migrate to the restaurant that has more positive vibes. That’s what Me.dium does. By seeing what other people around you are doing, it gives you a range of options (or supplies a range of information) that mirrors the range you have in everyday life making everyday decisions.”

found via: Digital Media, Digital Meaning