Ok, let me wish you a happy 2008. Fine, out of the way now heal that headache and read along.

I’ve got a good news: after months of trying to find the right replacement for the overbloated outlook 2003, i’ve found the contender: i.Scribe (and InScribe).

Believe it or not, this soft is actually way better than the official contender (Thunderbird, or rather, ThunderBug if you ask me) and its calendar is just plain terrific.

It’s super light, blasting fast, it imports outlook just fine, it looks good, it’s got a wicked calendar with a yearly view (that’s the first time i find a software, whether online or offline, that actually does it in a usable way see printscreen). And guess what: it’s free (if you only use one email account).

calendar - yearly view

Another nice feature is, beside the usual Send / Receive, the “Preview”, which allows you to quickly check out what mail is waiting for you on the server.

Another nice feature i just found out, is that it allows for Threaded discussions. See my jquery discussion list:

threaded discussion

All in all, i find the various User Interfaces just plain simple, well thought out, and the global speed of the app really make out for the few times it did crash (with no data loss) on me. Actually, let’s talk about crashes: all software have bugs, and all software crash. I ‘m not sure why, but it’s just like nature: that’s the way it is. Now, what’s nice with i.scribe, is it ‘s got a debugger, a direct form to tell about bugs/features, so it gives you real means to find out what’s wrong you’re (not) doing.

Now, i do wish it integrate with google Calendar and Gmail, and then i’d be completely happy. But it seems the developer is constantly updating it, so i will use it from this time on and definitely advise you to check it out. Why not doing like me: i use gmail as center platform, but iscribe as desktop client (leaving copies of downloaded emails on the server), so that i don’t have to wait for my emails to be retrieved by google (slow) mail servers. It may seem silly to you, but in my job, 30 minutes do matter a lot.

Yup, start 2008 by doing something good for your productivity: dump Outlook, Thunderbird, and give this nice soft a chance.