Here is an easy way to test a local site  on your mobile devices (or any computers on your network for that matter), thanks to


  • You will need your local machine ‘s IP address
  • A local website with a local domain name (you can easily set these up via Mamp Pro or Anvil).

What is is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is Using
[bash] resolves to resolves to resolves to resolves to

Example: “”

  1. Fetch your local server’s IP address. For instance, mine is It might be wise to make it a Fixed ip address. You can do this through the router config options. If you’re not sure how, just search for “[your router make/model] assign IP to computer” or something similar. This isn’t strictly necessary but it will save a lot of hassle down the line if you reboot your router and all the local IPs change.
  2. Set up your local domain in Mamp. When that is done, your website is now accessible locally (on your local dev machine) via the URL
How to configure Mamp pro with
How to configure Mamp pro with
  1.  add an alias that you create using this scheme: [local-domain-name][local-ip-address]
    At this point, your website is now accessible locally (via and externally (via
  2. If your site uses a database (like WordPress does), you may need to make sure it recognizes both urls. How to do that depends on your codebase. Here is how to do it for a WordPress instance: edit your local wp-config.php file and use the Alias domain instead of the local domain, and you’re all set!
    define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘’);
    define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’);