Find out where the internet world is heading to … Straight from an internal memo that leaked from Microsoft Executive Board ! :Services Disruption

Of coure, i guess that kind of “leak” is no hazard. There is no big secret here, but an aggressive stance aimed at the competition, very clever brand positioning.

Indeed, if you read it through, this is much more a show-off thing than real vision (nothing new here, just a description of the situation), and the fact that the Microsoft image has been continuously and steadily on the decline for the past few years, due among other reasons, to google, to Firefox relaunching the browser war, due also to the long awaited Internet Explorer 7, windows Vista that’s still far from the store shelves….

So, they are bending muscles, like a wounded beast. Which is a good thing. Oddly enough, i strongly believe things like the open source community would never have existed, or not to such a big extend, if Microsoft hadn’t been such a big player. We would still be stuck in tucows alternatives… The world needs microsoft, but i guess just not as much as microsoft needs the world °-¨