Ok, i don’t usually write about architecture, but this is such a clever and cost-effective approach to modernising Eastern Europe, that i thought i’d mention it.

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German architect Hervé Biele’s first built project, in Mehrow, just outside Berlin has been winning accolades from all quarters. Recycling classic Eastern Bloc concrete towers into modern contemporary homes sounds like an idealistic college project but Beile has realised the first of his designs and claims the cost is 30% less than a conventional construction. Many Eastern European cities are blighted by rows of these behemoths, known as plattenbauen, or “slab houses” in Germany which unusually has a housing surplus problem (partly due to the migration to the West) and is planning the demolition of 350,00 homes in the next five years. The structure only takes seven days to erect. BieleÂ’s innovative system, which only takes seven days to erect the basic structure could well provide the solution.