How to do much good to a website without much money

A nice man contacted me a while ago, asking for help on his website dedicated to an outstanding region of Belgium yet unknown to many people: the “chaine des terrils”.

Well, the man did not have much of a budget and asks for help on getting rid of frames and redesign. His website was made by himself with Frontpage. You can imagine what looked the source like…

Anyway, because budget was scarce, i proposed him that i would create a header and footer to be (php) included at runtime. I would thus be controling the css , javascript calls as well as the meta information and the first tags after the body tags, and the ending tags. So the html rendering process was made via three files:

  1. file: containing the ob_gzhandler (compressing the output for faster download) as well as the and doctype tags
  2. contains the metatags, javascript, css up to the creation of the containing div
  3. contains the closing tags, as well as a call to a bbclone installation , so he can track his site visits.

That was my part of the job. Now, his part was to include the following code to all his pages, clean up the html using dreamweaver (i’m amazed how easily he picked up from frontpage to dreamweaver, the guys at macromedia did make a tool usable to pure html amateurs).

and  tags. //////////////////////////////////////////// ? >

And here is the result : Bienvenue dans la Chaîne des Terrils!

Now, clever, or what ?