The problem: cannot upgrade my graphics driver

My laptop ( a good old Acer Travelmate 8204) comes equipped with a ATI mobility Radeon 1600 graphics card. Unfortunately, i cannot simply install the latest drivers from as they are refurbished by Acer. If i download the latest Catalyst driverpack then run the installer, it detects at some point that it is not suitable for my hardware.

The cause

AMD (formerly ATI) have for many years had their hands tied with laptop manufacturers (OEMS) who request that ATI do not offer support for their device in the Catalyst Driver. This may seem strange, however makers such as Dell may have implemented their own support system and they do not want their customers downloading “reference” drivers from ATI’s home page.

Unfortunately if you have just spent a few thousand $/£ on a new laptop and you want to keep your graphics drivers updated this leaves you in a bit of a pickle and many people frequently are waiting for their OEM to furnish them with new drivers. Right now the only option is to keep emailing your OEM to request that they update their drivers on a regular basis. However, we all know in real life that this rarely makes a difference.

The solution

Well, it turns out that using the free Mobility modder tool, which patches the latest ATI driver, i can proceed with the upgrade.
After the reboot, all turns out fine and I now have the latest driver installed. Good to know !

The credits

The tool was created and is maintained by Ruud Ketelaars, hartelijke bedankt man !