If you do not know me yet, here is what i do: website conception, design and development for companies of all sizes. I love my work: it has many exciting points, and i get my kick by giving my customers the best possible online presence allowing them to leverage the internet to meet their objectives: be it visibility, image building, search engine exposure or plain product sales.

Every now and then the desire to share this knowledge i gathered through now, wow, six year of professional internet publishing – and still learning – is growing inside of me. And who knows? My psychologist of a father used to tell me that i belong to the human category of “teachers”. Whether he was flattering himself, myself or was this a plain objective statement, i do not know and probably never will. But i’m willing to give it a try, so here is the big news: from now on, i’m open to anyone interested in learning website development , preferably based in Brussels (I can come at your place) or elsewhere (you come to my place) .

My teaching methodology will be greatly influenced by my baseball coaching experience: listen, repeat, do it, evaluate the results. Then try harder and improve. You have questions, i am here, any time. You need support, i back you up.

So if you are based in Brussels, Belgium, and would like to learn everything web design, do contact me. I will be as dedicated to you learning from my experience, as I am with commercial customers.