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(Poignant) Guide to Ruby on rails

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i’ve been looking for more information about Ruby on Rails a programming language which is said to be THE programming language, straight out from Japan. Free. Smart. Clean. Easy. Object oriented from toes to nails. This online book, is (supposedly) a guide to Ruby. I’m not through it yet (heck it’s chapter 3 and i… Read more »

Poseidon for UML version 3.2

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If, like me, you use Poseidon for all your UML needs, be informed that they just released a new version. The community edition is free, so check it out for yourself, if you are looking for a good UML tool, that’s the one i’d advise…

Javascript+CSS: calculate a height value on resize

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I couldn’t get my CSS to make a scrollable area correct, for a website i’m working now. Normally, you can, with a little css, tell the browser to display a scrollbar for content that goes beyond its container’s limits. for instance, “overflow:auto”. Yet for this to work, you need to give that container a ‘height’… Read more »

Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery

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Just like the CSS Zen Garden offers to see the same html with different layouts, which is possible thanks to css, Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery does just the same, this time, offering to style a table !

BBClonePHP Web Counter *will* continue

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UPDATE 23 November 2005 : the BBClone project has found a new maintainer ! BBclone lives on, hurray ! Oh no ! Another one bites the dust ! BBClone is a webstats script which i use for most projects : it’s easy to install and more importantly, gives you nice readable, understandable statistics to analyze… Read more »

Sending flash emails

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A customer of mine asked to send flash animations in emails. I told him it’s not the wisest thing to do, because no one can guarantee that your users will actually see it. Why’s that ? Email clients Well in this global market you just can’t expect everyone to wear the same clothes, now, can… Read more »

nice free tools to improve your website

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Wow, looking at my statistics, i found someone came from a service called iWEBTOOL. And so i clicked, and found myself in some kind of nerdy paradise, they propose many tools to improve your website in regards to search engine optimization, html optimization, check your site pages download time, etc… You can even include them… Read more »


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Nice article that taught me how to increase tremendously the speed of page rendering – the time elapsed between the clicking to request a page and the reading it !! MaxPC – Tutorials – Introducing PHP: Caching You don’t want to read it all ? Here is the spoiler : add this line at the… Read more »


the spirit.

The fundamental failure of most graphic, product, architectural, and even urban design is its insistence on serving the God of Looking-Good rather than the God of Being-Good. Richard Saul Wurman