Frustrated with the way Chrome lets you find your bookmarks? This extension helps you find your bookmarks easily, and with flair.

Yurls is a free Google Chrome extension that provides a reliable, fast and great-looking search through all your bookmarks. Yurl makes using your bookmarks a pleasurable experience.


  • peace of mind: if you’ve bookmarked it, Yurl will find it
  • Fast & easy to use: bookmark the way Chrome designed it. To find, click the extension icon, start typing, bam.
  • keyboard-friendly: use Alt+Shift+U, start typing your search string, tab through results, Enter to open the url in a new Tab. Or just use your mouse, you Cat.
  • great looking, animated interface
  • displays total Urls as a Badge

You can find the Yurls Extension on the Chrome web store. If you’ve found a bug or a nice feature idea, the source code is on github. Here is a very short video showing how it works.


Tip: when you bookmark a url, add in the bookmark title all keywords you know you’ll use when looking for this link later on.

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Yurls - bookmarks finder, for Chrome