Brujobs is the Human Resource Office for the public service of the Region de Bruxelles-Capitale.

Working for the Region

Brujobs needed an online platform that would allow candidates to easily manage their personal and professional information, and apply to available vacancies for all of Brussels regional administrative divisions.

The application needed to be accessible for visually impaired users (validation by the independent association Anysurfer) and  bilingual (French and Dutch).

Employer branding

Their secondary objective was to improve their employer branding: Brujobs wants that people feel proud to work for their Region. Branding guidelines were provided (developed by Base design): logo, typeface and colors. Slogans can only get you so far nowadays as they lack authenticity, so we  collected testimonials from current employees, as they are the best in place to know exactly what is good (or bad) about working for the Region.

An online platform for Job application

The resulting project meets these objectives by focusing on a clear invitation to work for a Region that is also the European Capital, with one large, immersive picture on each public web page. Once (quickly) registered and logged in, all functionalities necessary to apply to a job offer become available. The system provides a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) logic to brujobs users:  what information the user has filled in once is available for all further job applications. This is important, since many people tend to have a long career at the Region, thus apply regularly for new opportunities.

Brujobs' Registration screen.
Brujobs’ Registration screen.

Web Development

Of course, the platform is responsive and so adapts well to mobile and tablets.

The frontend was built using the excellent Foundation framework. Serverwise, we installed the Google pagespeed module on top of a LAMP stack, thus optimizing as much as possible for rendering speed. The application is a tailor-made CMS that allows several roles interact with the data, with a specific liaison that sync the data with the Region’s SAP system.

The Welcome screen on a smartphone.

And just for fun, a concept mockup ?

(concept mockup) James A. Lovell, Jr. searches for a job opportunity on Brujobs.
(concept mockup) James A. Lovell, Jr. searches for a job opportunity on Brujobs.