I’ve been – and still am – collecting quotes on design and philosophy for years. They guide me, they allow me to keep a trace of my readings, they are also foster for discussion with my students.

I’m planning to use them on this website’s next version, but until it is ready (that won’t be anytime soon unfortunately) i quickly made a small web app that allows me to share them with you.

Design rationale


Quotes are spoken words too good to be lost, hence written. Written spoken words if you like. It is about meaning and readability, so the design approach focused on a clean typography to allow the quote’s reading experience resonate inside the reader’s mind.
Meta information and navigation received a neutral typographic treatment, much like labels used in warehouse boxes – no branding, just functional. The quote in itself received a Serif font, to express its written quality, and italic, to express its spoken quality.


I need these quotes close to me at all time. I made sure via responsive design that the layout would fit small, normal and huge screens alike.

Pixeline's design quotes on mobile
Mobile-friendly design quotes


You can access them here: http://pixeline.be/quotes/

You got quotes?

Feel free to send your personal favorite quotes over to me via twitter @pixeline or the dedicated form (http://pixeline.be/quotes/add/.