Redesign the Ecole Supérieure d’Infographie – Albert Jacquard (provides bachelor ‘s degree in Computer Graphics).

The original website served well this fast-growing Computer Graphics school based in Namur, Belgium, in which I had just started teaching Web usability and web project management. But four years after its creation, it had become cluttered with content and featured that had actually nothing to do on a public website. After a careful study in which i tried to gather opinions and a deep understanding of the school’s functioning and needs, it was clear that we needed to make two websites: a general audience website for people external to the school, and an Extranet online application, allowing students, teachers and the school’s management to more easily find and distribute such crucial information as the weekly schedule for instance.


Working mainly with Valérie Gérard the final layout is a good balance between the various identities of the school. It installed colors (red, blue) as the school’s colors and provided for a recognizable identity.


The frontend website is based on WordPress and the Extranet is a homemade php/mysql application, in constant iterative development.


One of the achievements of the first website was its excellent ranking in Google for “infographie”. The redesign had to absolutely not break that. And so far, it hasn’t (pfiew).


Homepage - infographie-sup.be
The Homepage displays the latest news and a global image gallery – infographie-sup.be
The Extranet - view of the weekly schedule
The Extranet – view of the weekly schedule
Printscreen of the .MAG - the school 's online magazine
The .MAG – the school ‘s online magazine
Printscreen of the Standard page layout
Standard page layout