L’épi-cerise is a very warm and friendly grocery store in Chiny, a small, ancient village in one of Belgium’s most beautiful corners: La Gaume.

Pierre-Rémi and Anne-Sophie’s Grocery store downtown Chiny is a great place to start your discovery: they sell all kinds of organic products from the farms and small producers in the area: Cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, beers (obvious to anyone knowing a little bit Wallonia – try their Old Orval), apple juices, comic books, etc.
They’re also the info center for every initiative taking place in the area, served with an always-ready-to-help smile that strikes my urbanity as being simply… extra-terrestrial.

Why give a website away?

I needed to know their opening time last week and couldn’t find anything, so i made this one-pager as a token of my personal support for their project. This young couple has many qualities i wish i had, but they’re not exactly tech-savvy so i’m glad i could improve my karma by doing something slightly good for them.
Besides, it’s obvious they don’t need more than a brief page so it seemed manageable from the start (says my right brain).

Graphic Design

The graphic design is simple: an introductory picture of beautiful Gaume to catch the eye, and straightforward information in a responsive layout so that Hikers with a smartphone have a good experience visiting the épi-cerise website.