The mission

Frederik De Wilde is an internationally recognized Brussels-based new media artist, whose practice resides on the border areas between science, technology and art. FDW needed an online presence to showcase his body of work, a content that is very much made of generative art images.

Art as a process

Frederik’s body of work being on the verge of science, technology and art, he and I rapidly agreed that the interface design should be as minimal, clean and transparent as possible to bring the focus on the visual content whilst referring to the methodological ways of science (no decoration, pure information) and the seriality of technology. Serial, minimal, methodological: art as a process.

The frontpage lists all content nodes: either projects (circles) or news (squares).

The Projects index, with lazy scrolling so you can just keep on peeping at those mysterious images without looking for that “next” button.

A project page. Serial / visual.

Inside a project, looking at an image.

Here is the link to Frederik De Wilde ‘s website.